Consultation Services


Personal and Professional Development Plan

Having a successful mental health agency or private practice starts like any other business: with a plan. This is where I ask clients to come up with personal and professional goals, values, and mission statements, among other things. 

Practice Set Up

Do you know what type of business license(s) you need? What about insurances? Will you use an electronic health record system or traditional pen and paper? Setting up a private practice is more than board certifications and an office. I can help you get started with your intake paperwork to setting up your website, and everything in between. 

Ongoing Support

You're set up! Now what? With a peer consultation, I can help you evaluate if and how you are meeting your professional goals. Are you thinking about changing niches within mental health? Is there a certification you are wondering about? Do you need support in assessing your practice's profitability? These are a few of the services we can talk about setting up for you. 

Consultation groups are great way to connect with others in the field to share ideas. They are also cost effective and a great way to build a referral network. To be added to the waitlist, please use the contact form on

Elevating Your Practice

Your practice doesn't need to be struggling for you to reach out for some extra therapy consultation. Maybe you would like to reevaluate your mental health business practices in order to increase profits. Maybe you want an outsider's assessment on your work-life balance. Perhaps you want to start targeting a different population and want to know the best way to reach them in Henderson. Elevating your practice means reenergizing and using a sounding board to take your therapy business to level up!

Connecting with Community

As a Las Vegas native, I know how difficult it can be to create a community or to connect with others like you in the field. I consider myself a "helping professional match-maker!" This can be especially helpful if you are new to the area and to veterans alike. It is both about what you know and who you know; it takes a village to be truly successful, let me help you find your people!